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New York, NY, August 11, 2020… The COVID-19 pandemic brought the travel and tourism industry to a standstill, and to counter, is producing an updated ‘Ultimate Caribbean Honeymoon, Wedding & Romance Guide’. This new and revised version is designed to capitalize on the pent-up demand for consumers wanting to rekindle passion, celebrate a milestone anniversary, renew marriage vows, experience a beach wedding, or enjoy a honeymoon and to do so in the Caribbean. Melanie Reffes, Editorial Director, will add her talent, experience, and intimate knowledge of the Caribbean to this project. CEO, Jacqueline Johnson said, “After months of confinement there is a wanderlust for travel and travelers are seeking an escape, especially to locations that are uncrowded and unhurried. For those who are in love, the need is even more urgent. With open spaces to roam and freedom to explore, the Caribbean provides such a respite and a welcome change for the many that are living in urban areas with restricted access to the outside world. We have re-designed the ‘Ultimate Caribbean Honeymoon, Wedding & Romance Guide’ to speak directly to those persons”.

The ‘Ultimate Caribbean Honeymoon, Wedding & Romance Guide’ features a newly constructive homepage with content provided by Caribbean islands that cater to the romance market. The guide is recognized as the lead source in the romance market for information on Caribbean countries, cruises, resorts, hotels, and service providers and this inclusive promotion is open to all the regional tourism stakeholders. With a 12 month shelf life, the ‘Ultimate Caribbean Honeymoon, Wedding & Romance Guide’ is carried on E-Zine, reaching a targeted audience of over 2.2 million couples that have a passion for travel and in need of the most up-to-date information on destinations, including laws pertaining to getting married in the Caribbean, along with expert advice on where to go, when to go and how best to have a seamless and memorable experience.

Johnson continued, “To support our previous partners, the revised and updated version of the ‘Ultimate Caribbean Honeymoon, Wedding & Romance Guide’ is included with editorial coverage at no additional cost. This ensures that the production remains an extraordinarily efficient investment for maximum participation across all sectors of the Caribbean travel market while providing a one-stop shop for consumers and the travel trade to obtain information on all things romance”.


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