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Want To Increase Your Revenue?

WANT TO INCREASE YOUR REVENUES? THINK BRIDAL MARKET! Depending on your source for information, the wedding & honeymoon market is a relatively stable one, and do provide opportunities for market growth. The economy along with consumer confidence is giving engaged couples the confidence to finally plan and book their weddings.

Will they continue with the high level of negotiating prices? Yes, do expect this, as more couples are paying for the wedding themselves. In previous years when the parents were paying for this event, the sky was the limit and serious negotiation by the parents, were considered almost an embarrassment. It is for you the Travel Agent or hotelier to understand this, and stick to your published rates. What you sell is always above and beyond what they could ever get from the internet, including SERVICE!!!

Will they spend to get what they want? Yes a whopping 70% do plan to make it the best day ever, and will spend to make sure this happens. At the end of the day, it is still a milestone in a couple’s life – and therefore the mode of transportation, hotel, cuisine, activities, etc. will be looked at differently from a quick holiday jaunt. Today’s couple will spend approximately $4,000+ on this trip of a lifetime vs $850+ (approx) for the average leisure traveler and the average expenditure on a wedding today is $27,438.* (The Wedding Report)

The Wedding Report – the premier research Company provides the most comprehensive outlook on all aspect of the wedding industry. The information below gives you a quick overview of the numbers of wedding taking place in the United States on a monthly basis. This does not include those who travel outside the Country to get married.

Weddings by Month For 2012, June and September appear to be the most in demand months to get married. The following The opportunity for you the Agent or hotelier is a year round business. And what a business this is! You have the ability to gain more revenue from one wedding that you can ever imagine – think group travel for your destination wedding couples and their friends/families, spa events, shopping & dining, before and after parties. And do not forget your alliances – luggage, jewelry (local and foreign).

Stay tuned and watch for the next article on the best way to reach this affluent and ‘must buy’ consumer. In the meantime, do not hesitate to email me if there are any questions: I will do my best to answer on a timely basis.

Jacqueline Johnson, CTC is Pres/CEO of the Global Bridal Group, a Media Company that provides comprehensive Bridal & Honeymoon guidance through interactive target marketing utilizing the following vehicles:,, http://www.MarryCaribbeanblog,

For over two decades she served on the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) with the Ministers and Directors of Tourism for 34 separate countries, and for the past 10 years she has been a member of the Executive Committee.

She is also the recipient of CTO’s Medal of Excellence as one of the 50 Most Influential Persons in the Caribbean. Johnson is Chairman of the CTO Foundation, an organization that raises funds to further the education of outstanding Caribbean citizens who have demonstrated a career commitment to tourism.

You might have read recently the “dialogue” between Bridal Guide & Brides Magazine on their audience, reach and delivery, and who delivers what at a more cost effective rate. It is what it is: just ‘dialogue’ The true test of any magazine catering to the bridal market is about NEWSSTAND SALES. IF YOU ARE NOT DELIVERING AT THE NEWSSTAND, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE. NEWSSTAND IS THE BAROMETER THAT JUDGES EDITORIAL VITALITY. ENGAGED COUPLES DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO PRINT PUBLICATIONS.


Want To Increase Your Revenue?