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My Pet Peeve of the Day

speaking-at-luxury-travel-show-2010It is that time of the year when the Caribbean is ‘Open’ for business in the format of trade shows, conferences and all manner of events where we all attend and promote or sell our different services.

MY PETE PEEVE?? The outlandish claims by select members of the media and others promoting the ‘service of the month’. I am amazed to see how some of these bogus claims are said and promoted with a straight face. The audience, the circulation, the expert knowledge that is sorely lacking, the number of visitors supposedly planning or asking information on the Caribbean, and on it goes…..

And yes, if you are willing to pay the going rate you can get any Caribbean Newsletter to promote your bogus information.

Do Caribbean Suppliers/Hoteliers/Service Providers..believe most of this nonsense? I am curious, really curious. If they do, I know I should not but would be deeply disappointed to learn of this. But again why should I? This is a ‘disease’ that is spread right across the board. And of course what makes it so painful to watch is that the delivery of bogus information or services is usually taken as gospel from a ‘learned foreigner’. A ‘learned foreigner’ with limited expertise or skill in the product he or she is presently promoting. You know the next opportunity provided to this person will have her or him speaking a ‘new language’.

And the same goes for consultants who appear with impressive folders, the right buzz words and the right image. They offer spellbinding analysis, thoughts and promises of greater revenue and ideas. Recently had to listen to one constantly referencing the strategic battle plans of Caesar,(a man who was eventually murdered). I would much prefer to have heard the battle plan of Shaka Zulu as he changed the style of combat by developing a better shield and sword.

I am presently watching the aggressive dialogue between Brides and Bridal Guide. They both claim massive audience, but no one speaks of newsstand circulation, which is the lifeblood of the bridal magazines. Why? the internet is taking the printed word out to the proverbial ‘woodshed’..and for a massive beating. In the ‘good old days’ it would be unheard of for Conde Nast Brides to get down and dirty in a public forum with a competitor. How things have changed, and I should say not for the best.

And this is my Pet Peeve of the Day. Of course I try very hard to be diplomatic. Here’s hoping I was able to achieve this.


My Pet Peeve of the Day