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Caribbean Travel Round-Up & FCCA Conference

caribbean_4c_typeI had the pleasure of being in Puerto Rico for the FCCA conference and was truly delighted to be there.

Puerto Rico is a wonderful destination – lots of charm, romance, history, food and culture. No where is this more evident than in Old San Juan. A truly magnificent city with some of the best shopping in the Caribbean. From the Coach outlets, Ralph Lauren outlets, etc. local stores: but most of all the history. From the cobblestone streets to the historic cathedral, it is a feast for the mind. Nothing I can say in this very short roundup, can do justice to the beauty and charm of Puerto Rico.

FCCA – 18th Annual Cruise Conference
This was held at the ‘state-of-the-art” Puerto Rico Conference center and was well attended by all with an interest in the cruise market. From Governments to attractions, the display of products or what the destinations have to offer to entice more ships to visit the region, was abundantly displayed. Walking the aisles when not meeting ‘one & one’ all the cruise executives turned out for this major event.

I attended all the sessions where the cruise executives were speaking and the mantra was almost the same. ‘While we love the Caribbean, we will be putting more ships in the European/Asian markets where we can get a higher rate from passengers’. And the brilliant idea of the day is – Have your local school children greet the ships in their uniforms – this would really please the visitors to your shores. I sat there thinking, I am not hearing this right, but since it was repeated continuously, yes I did hear correctly. Unfortunately, during the question and answer period, I yielded the floor to those with more pressing concerns. However, I would like to state that “Children belong in school and not at Cruise Ship Piers welcoming anybody”. They are our future leaders!!

Please be advised that the relationship with the Great Bridal Expo has been terminated. The bridal industry is one of constant change, and as the habits of the engaged couple changes, so must we change along with it.



Caribbean Travel Round-Up & FCCA Conference